Energy Pathways Internship

The Utah Governor’s Office of Energy Development (OED) is proud to support workforce development in energy and minerals careers through paid internships that provide career development and energy knowledge opportunities. This position will work 20 hours per week for a term not to exceed 4 months. Telework options are available, but not exclusively.

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Intern Testimonial



There are many opportunities surrounding energy innovation, and OED has shown me that there are passionate and reliable people working behind the scenes to bring those new technologies to reality. After interning with OED, I hope to start a career in resource and conservation management within the government or a nonprofit organization.

-Chris Reisinger


Access more than 30 state-standard energy and minerals lesson plans, including hands-on activities, videos and vocabulary sheets.

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For high school seniors or first year college students who are pursuing STEM education at a Utah institution of higher learning.

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We're involved with a variety of events that focus on advancing STEM education among K-12 and university-level students.

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Building Utah’s Future Energy Workforce

A skilled labor force is essential for a better energy future in Utah.

Our education initiative encourages and supports students in their pursuit of energy-related studies and careers through the support of K-12 STEM curriculum, higher education scholarships, education programs and education events.

“OED’s Energy and Minerals Education Initiative plays a key role in ensuring Utah reaches its full economic potential by providing a highly-skilled labor force through its K-12 curriculum, scholarships and engagement with our world-class research universities.”

Spencer Cox, Governor

Our Initiatives

  • Energy curriculum and professional development for science teachers

    In partnership with the Utah Science Teachers Association

  • Governor’s Energy Educator Award

    In partnership with the Utah Science Teachers Association

  • STEM scholarships

    In partnership with Chevron

  • Energy & Minerals Pavilion at STEM Fest

    In partnership with the STEM Action Center

  • Utah Energy & Power Career Expo

    In partnership with the University of Utah

  • Youth Leadership Conference

    In partnership with the Utah Division of Multicultural Affairs